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My long awaited custom LJ layout has finally been completed and I just love it. It was designed by gawariel_design. While this layout was paid for, she has many others that are free and come with simple step-by-step instructions for applying them.

Go check her work out!

I want a busier job

My current job is nice in that it has cushy benefits and I get paid enough to take vacations, but I think that I am seriously starting to become lazy because of it.

If I added up all the time spent actually working in the span of my eight hour shift then the total would hover near three hours. The rest of that time I spend either reading a book or watching Netflix / surfing the internet. And I'm just tired of it all. I want to be doing something useful and feel as though I am a valued employee.

There is an opening in another department at the university (which means I would keep my benefits) but it is at the HelpDesk and I'm not sure that should I pursue a position with them as I have NO interest in remaining in that area of IT for the long-term. The position would offer two rather large pros, though. 1) Monday-Friday @8:00am-5:00pm (I currently work Tuesday-Saturday @12:00am-8:00am), and 2) a bare minimum $2.00/hour raise.

The pros of staying where I am are, 1) Possible promotion to the daytime shift within a year or two (Salary, baby, no more of this hourly crap!), and 2) being able to use the free-time to work on school stuff when I'm taking classes again.

I just have no idea what I should do.

In other news my doctor has decided she wants to try and kill me by prescribing me Metformin. I haven't had anything good and fulfilling to eat in about two weeks due to the, uh, side-effects of the drug. But, hey, starvation does work as a weight loss option, amirite?


So much win...


Happy Birthday!

This is a holler out to harmony_bites", on this, her (insert appropriate number here) birthday! I hope you treat yourself well.


*sneaks in*

I figured I'd do an update since, well, that's kinda the purpose of having an LJ account to begin with, XD

Work Update: I'm back to working midnights again, but the job is different and I get more pay. So very much YAY on that front. Co-worker created enough issues (to the likes of she wants to work with the lights TURNED OFF) that I was basically moved into an office of my own (office buddy arrives when I get off in the morning at 8:00AM). So that was nice. So far, anyway 8|

Home Update: My apartment has ceased to look like a storage facility. It took me about three months to go through every piece of crap and non-crap that I owned and I ended up tossing/giving away at least half of it. I have a fully furnished living room that I actually like to spend time in and the only remaining bit of furniture that I need for my dining room will be delivered this Friday. Expect pic spam. Also, I might be moving to a larger apartment. The irony of that fact has not been lost on me >.<

Health Update: I haven't taken any of my meds in about six months. My bad, I know, but popping 14 pills a day (of the cholesterol and heart health sort) is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. May 1st I'm going through my pantry and tossing the whole lot out. Then I'll go grocery shopping and start eating like I should. There are even plans to go walking around the local lake each day with my sis (a good three miles or so) and I'm going to attempt some yoga. After a few months of this I'll have my blood-work done again to see if my doctor still wants me to take all those damn pills. I'm hoping she'll like the progress I've made on my own, but I might have to end up taking 3 or 4 of them anyways. Damn you gene pool!

WoW is still dominating too much of my free time but my interest in crochet and cooking is picking up again. Last year I had started to make a throw but I only finished about half of it and have been using it as a sort of shawl. This weekend I started the other half of it and I should finish it by the end of the week. Why can't I be one of those people who can have more than one hobby at a time? It would be nice, I think.

Oooh my grandmother's house finally sold. It had been on the market for seven months and this was only the second offer. My mom and uncle were so desperate to be rid of the dang thing that they didn't even bother with making a counter offer. Mom says she'll pay off the remaining balance on my university bursar account, and maybe even my sole remaining credit card (I used to have five and they were all maxed out but have since paid the others off), which would be awesome but I'm not holding my breath. Especially since my sister is in debt way, way over her head and doesn't have a job.

I've decided that I want to go on another tropical vacation. Only this time there will be sunblock involved and a whole glorious week dedicated to nothing more than being a beach bum. So far I've sent out a few feelers to my friends to see if any are interested in tagging along to lessen the expense and enhance the fun. (LISA, YOU ARE COMING! STEPH, YOU TOO if you can work it around classes...)

So...that's me. How about you?



A friend at work linked me to this video and I. CAN'T. GET. IT. OUTTA. MY. HEAD.


Oh fer fuck's sake

I want to see some smartasses band together, write up a version of the bible with annotations made by athiests, and then go pass them out in the parking lots of churches.

Brilliant idea y/y?